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Foreign Office. January, 1910.

No. 1078/10

Your Excelency:

Upon the receipt of Monsieur de Etters note of November 16th las, I referred to the Secretary of State for India the request of the Russian Buddhist subject, Savelli Montianow, for permission to proceed on a pilgrimage to the Dalai Lama passing by way of India.

Viscount Morley, who transmitted the request by telegraph to the Government of India, has now received a reply from the latter in which they draw attention to the present unsettled condition of Thibet and state that they have, in consequence of this situation, adopted the attitude of discouraging British subjects of Buddhist religion from proceeding there. They fear, therefore, that considerable misapprehension would arise if the Russian subject in question were to be furnished with the necessary authorization to cross the Indian frontier Into Thibet.

His Excellency

The Count A. de Benckendorff,

&c., &c., &c.,

Page 92.


I should be glad if Your Excellency would be so good as to bring the above considerations to the notice of the Russian Government and I venture to express the hope that, in the circumstances, they will not press Savelli Montianows request.

I have honour to be, with the highest consideration,

Your Excellencys most obedient,

humble Servant,

(Sgd.) E. Grey

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