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Материалы по истории буддизма в Забайкалье XIX-нач. XX вв.

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5.5. Секретное донесение британского торгового агента Макдональда о китайско-тибетских отношениях и деятельности российского подданного Агвана Доржиева. 22 декабря 1921 г.

IOR: Mss Eur F 80/42

Miscellaneous events at Lhasa during my stay there, 1920-1921.

[F. 12(g)]

Confidential note.

I learn on good authority that the Kansu mission informed the Tibetan Government that the Tibetans belong to one of the five races which form the Chinese Empire; that the Chinese Ambans of Sining Fu and Lanchou Fu have instructed them to say that they desire to live on friendly terms with the Tibetans; that they had received a telegram from the Chinese Government authorizing them to visit Lhasa and ascertain what is actually happening at the Tibetan Capital; that the Chinese Ambans are very anxious to deal direct with the Tibetans and settle all outstanding differences between China and Tibet'>Tibet. They gave out that they did not want any foreign power to interfere in this affair and suggested that a Tibetan delegate should accompany them to Peking or Lanchou. They could not show any letter or authority from the Chinese Government empowering them to negotiate with the Tibetans but they brought a letter from the Amban of Lanchou, the contents of which is not known.

In reply the Tibetan Government told them that they are also eager to settle all the differences amicably but they insisted that a British Officer must be invited to be present to conduct the negotiations between the two parties. They declined to send a Tibetan delegate with them (after consulting the Government of India) and dismissed the mission.

The Chinese promised to report the matter to the higher authorities and return here in December 1920 or January 1921 to open negotiations. They also agreed to request the British Government to send a British Officer, but so far they [Tibetans] have received no news from them.

If we fail to bring about a renewal of negotiations, [I think] there is great danger of the Tibetans making an independent treaty with the Chinese, which will be prejudicial to our interests.

[F. 12(h)]

3. Nothing is known here about Liu Tsang Ting’s mission but there is a rumour at Shigatse that the Chinese Government are sending a mission to Chiamdo during January 1921.

4. A servant of Dorjieff arrived in Lhasa some time ago to sell watches, gold, etc. He has been coming to Lhasa once every year for trading purposes. He is at present living in the Drepung monastery. He has come from Urga where there has been some fighting between the Bolsheviks and the Chinese. He has been speaking against the Bolsheviks as the loot the property of the villagers and kill the men who refuse to go and fight for them. It is highly probable that he has come to give information [to the Tibetans] and also to collect news for his Master who is reported to be at Dakhuria, where the Grand Lama Kha-Kha Je-Tsun Tam-pa is residing in Mongolia.

5. The Japanese Student Tada alias Thup-ten Gyal-tsen is still studying Buddhism in the Sera Monastery. I learn that his ambition is to be a Geshe or Doctor of Divinity. It is possible that he is sending all the news of Tibet'>Tibet to the Japanese Government but it is difficult to obtain proof of this as he can smuggle letters to Calcutta through the traders.

6. I am informed by my Lama friend (Dronyer Latsawa) who accompanied the Amban of Ili to Shigatse that he has returned to Lhasa and has gone to Ganden; that he will [attend] the Mon-lam Chen-mo and distribute presents to the monks, after which he will return to Ili. My friend [told me] that he has no connection with the Bolsheviks as he had been speaking against them for looting the sheep and cattle belonging to the villagers. As the Amban is a Buddhist, the Tibetans do not suspect him of being a spy. he has 126 followers and 40 riffles whom he has left somewhere near Nakchuka. It appears that he has no connection with Tem-pe Gyal-tsen [,] whose followers


numbering about 150 to 160, had been looting the traders and other travelers. No one can say where he was born or whence he came except that he came from some place in the east not far from Koko Nor. He is now said to be at a place called Machin Sang which is about one month’s journey north of Nakchuka. He is keeping quiet at present. Tsarong Shape told me that his servants are quite safe and are expected to arrive here from China in a few days.

Submitted for information.



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Бадлаева Т. В.
История светских библиотек в Забайкалье (вторая половина XIX в. - февраль 1917 г.)

История и культура народов Центральной Азии: наследие и современность. Ч. 1. История, источниковедение, историография, культура и образование. Ч. 2. Этнография, религиоведение, язык, фольклор и литература: Сб. науч. ст.

Andrey Bazarov and Nikolay Tsyrempilov
Catalogue of Tibetan gSung 'bum Collection of Centre of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs of the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan studies of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Volume I. Non-dGe lugs and Early dGe lugs sections

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