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Материалы по истории буддизма в Забайкалье XIX-нач. XX вв.

5.6. Секретные записки британского агента в Тибете Фредерика Бейли о бурятских агентах в Тибете, П.К. Козлове и Агване Доржиеве. Июль, 1924 г.

IOR: Mss. Eur. F. 157 / 214A

F. M. Baily.




18th July to 25th August, 1924.

[6] [22/7/1924]

Went to lunch with Lönchen, Hislop, Tsarong, Rai Bahadur Norbu and Laden La present.

We talked about Kozlov, Sven Hedin. Tsarong said Kozlov must be over 70 and unless he came in a dandy he could not travel to Lhasa. He asked if he was red and I said he probably was pretending to be red in order to get out of the country but his companions would be red.


[Meeting with the Dalai Lama. 24/7/1924]

He spontaneously said he was very much concerned at letters I had written about Bolshevik intrigue. I said I could not understand how Dorjieff who had always been a great friend and servant of His Holiness had turned against them, which he certainly had done if he was helping the Red Russians. I said that Col. O’Connor had met him in Peking and said he was a nice man. I said that I passed any any news on to the Tibetan Government which I received which would I thought be of use to them and he should consider what I said and confirm it by other reports. He said he had done this and was convinced that Dorjieff was Red. He told me that about 16 suspicious Mongolians had arrived at Nagchuka of whom about two were ill and the rest were expected here in a day or two. He proposed to ask the Police to enquire and report on them when orders would be given. I said that Dorjieff was now very old. That the real Red Russians could not come here but they were no doubt empoying Mongolian agents who might be these very people. I said that when Red Russians started they killed many people, forbade


trade etc. but now they were much better. He said he trusted Haldinov who spoke Mongolian and he hoped he would also make enquiries. I told him of the cutting from the German paper about Zerempil and he said he had never heard of him. I said this sort of article was written to make trouble between Great Britain and Tibet and other parties would benefit by the trouble.

[21] [5/8/1924]

He [Haldinov] told me that last November Kozlov with 20 Russians including students and engineers and with 10 Buriats arrived at Urga. They had been sent by the Russian Government and had 100,000 roubles for expenses. At Urga for some unknown reason they received a telegram recalling them to Moscow. Kozlov is a very old man.

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Бадлаева Т. В.
История светских библиотек в Забайкалье (вторая половина XIX в. - февраль 1917 г.)

История и культура народов Центральной Азии: наследие и современность. Ч. 1. История, источниковедение, историография, культура и образование. Ч. 2. Этнография, религиоведение, язык, фольклор и литература: Сб. науч. ст.

Andrey Bazarov and Nikolay Tsyrempilov
Catalogue of Tibetan gSung 'bum Collection of Centre of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs of the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan studies of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Volume I. Non-dGe lugs and Early dGe lugs sections

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